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Elevate Your Space

Create ambiance and style in your home with our range of premium concrete decor candles. A special blend of concrete including marble stone finish makes these unique candles the perfect styling piece; adding texture and ambiance to any space. Our candles also include expertly designed fragrances, creating an atmosphere of serenity.


Added bonus, re-usable container: Once the candle has come to an

end, the wax can be removed and made into a beautiful planter.

2023 Catalogue

Please download our latest Catalogue and have a look over, please contact us for any further enquiries.

Premium concrete Decor 

Wooden Wick

The wood wick gives a warm, calm feeling as it crackles as it burns.

The wider surface area of the wick creates a more even burn pool. It is organic and more sustainable than other wicks. 

100% SOY WAX

Longer burn time (50% longer than paraffin wax), this is because it has 

a lower melting temperature. Sustainable wax as comes from the 

by-products of Soy which is a renewable source vs paraffin.

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